Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I know it's been a while since the last time we updated this, but here's the latest: Josh has a new job at Hanford through CH2MHill as a nuclear chemical operator and started last week. The training is a bit slow but he's working through! He's enjoying the new job and is looking forward to the end of the training period.

I passed all of my classes this semester and am out of school for the summer. I am planning to work for the larger hospital in our area which is also down the street from us as a nurse technician. I will basically be a little higher up than a CNA, but not at the nurse level yet. I have an interview June 11th, so we'll see what happens! School will start again at the end of August and I'll graduate in December! Then I'll have to join the real world of working people!

Gabriel turned 10 months on the 13th and is doing wonderful! He is crawling and pulls himself up on anything close by. He walks with assistance but is starting to stand for a few seconds without holding on. No teeth yet, but we can see them under the gums so we're expecting them soon! He's a very busy and happy guy.

Gabriel and I went with my family to California this last week where he experienced his first plane ride! My dad is recording a new album in the LA area and my brothers and I sang the background vocals. Josh had to stay this trip becuase of the new job, but he was missed!

Gabriel did fantastic on the plane, he was not bothered at all by the take-off and landing. He played and slept and only got a little irritated that I wouldn't let him down to crawl. We spent the week at my brother's house so Gabriel got to enjoy his uncle Scotty and aunt Juliann.

I think that's all for now, now that school is out I should be able to keep up a little better!

At the Santa Anita Racetrack

Downtown Disney

House of Blues Restaurant (Downtown Disney)

Original Starbucks (Seattle, WA)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Mom's Birthday.

Went To my parent's house last weekend for my Mom's birthday. Gabe had a lot of fun with everybody. Started crawling around alot and got to mingle with his two cousins. Dad took Chad and I to a go cart racing facility and we played there on Friday night while the ladies played with the kids. Then most of Saturday we split a white oak that was cut down on Thursday. Only got about 3/4 of it split but made a pretty good size dent. On Saterday on a break for splitting wood the Randi, Jenny, And mom went and got their nails done and then went to Ikea. They had a really good time. While they were away us guys had the kids at the pond and played with moms new paddle boat. Had a really good trip and then left on Sunday afternoon to get back home. Gabriel did great the whole trip and we had a great time.

Saturday, February 28, 2009


Here are a few new pictures of our little one. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Scooting Has Begun...

Well, Gabriel has a new trick. He's mobile! He's not technically crawling yet, but scooting all over the place. Check out the video. I will be posting new pictures soon!


Friday, January 30, 2009

I made the first leap of starting this blog, now I guess I have to keep up with it :o) So here's a quick update about our family... (some from Josh, some from me)

Things have really picked up for our family in the new year. We enjoyed having Josh's family here for a weekend of celebration. We had Gabriel's dedication and Josh's baptism on the same day!

This is Gabriel after his bath. He just loves playing with his feet.

All the little ones playing and having a good time. Kyla really wanted to hold Gabe all day. Gabe is trying to figure out what is on dad's face and if it comes off or not. He loves looking at your teeth.

Chad and Jenny brought over their Wii and we played games all evening. Dad is the Bowling champion. Chad and I played tennis for a long time and Chad got really into it. I ended up sitting on the couch and still winning. Its all in the wrist.

It was great to have every one come support me while I was baptized. I had my friends from my men's small group stand up there with me.

We had a wonderful time with the family. Gabriel is still trying to understand how to play with his cousins, but I think they will have so much fun in the very near future!

We also enjoyed a visit from Josh's mom just the past couple of days. She was able to spend some quality time with Gabriel and was a great help around the house as well :o)

I am back in school full-swing and Josh is on the job hunt. Keep us in your prayers for Josh to find a job and me to keep my sanity!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Blog!

Josh and I have been talking about starting a blog now that Gabriel is a part of our family. So here we go, this is my first attempt at this so bear with me for a while! I will try to update it as often as I can.

Christmas for us was fun and relaxing with the Ingersoll side of the family. We enjoyed a day of movies, friends, and family. We missed the Bonnell side, but we will be seeing them very soon!

Gabriel will be six months old on January 13th and I can't believe how fast he is growing and changing! Josh weighed him yesterday and he came in a 16 pounds. He has now doubled his birthweight of 7lbs 15oz. He "talks" to us all the time and enjoys his "tummy time". He is very good at rolling over now and is working on sitting up all on his own. If we set him up, he will stay for a little while, but is still a bit wobbly. He is very good at push-ups and everytime he gets to his hands and knees I am reminded that my life will be changing soon! Right now it is very convenient to let him play on the floor, but I know that I'll have a lot of chasing to do once he's moble. We are enjoying every minute of being parents. It is a wonderful responsibility we have been given.

This is our introduction. I'll post more when I get a chance!